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Report: David West will sign one-year deal with Warriors

The incredibly rich continue to get richer.

After shocking many in the NBA world by winning the Kevin Durant free agency sweepstakes, the Golden State Warriors were faced with the challenge of filling out their roster around their core of superstars, on the cheap. Just to make room for Durant, the Dubs had to trade starting center Andrew Bogut and let both Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli walk as restricted free agents.

Many experts felt that the Warriors’ one weakness would be protecting the rim with little cap room to add a quality big man. Then, Zaza Pachulia stunningly took a $2.9 million contract to play for Golden State, leaving millions of dollars on the table to play else where.

Now, the Warriors have caught another break in landing David West for the veteran’s minimum.

As West’s career approaches its end, he’s determined to win a title, even if it means losing out on millions of dollars. Last season, David did the exact same thing, passing up lucrative offers to sign with the San Antonio Spurs for the vet’s minimum.

The allure of winning a championship is brighter for some than big money, as both of these signings indicate. It’s more good news for Golden State moving forward, and more frustration for the rest of the association.

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