One of the trades on draft night is potentially in danger, but early indications are that it will still go through.

Tentatively, the Sacramento Kings agreed to send Marco Belinelli to the Charlotte Hornets in exchange for the #22 overall pick, which was used on Syracuse guard Malachi Richardson. The trade can't become official until July.

It's in jeopardy because Belinelli, while playing in a exhibition game for Italy against Canada, suffered a broken jaw today, according to Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer.

Marco Belinelli
Rich Pedroncelli/AP Photo

The good news: this isn't the type of injury that will inhibit any of Belinelli's abilities on the court. Once his jaw heals, he should be just fine to resume all basketball-related activities.

The report states that he'll stay with the Italian national team moving forward, which will play in Olympic qualifying games next month.

The average time for players to return from jaw fractures is usually four to six weeks, giving Belinelli plenty of time to get healthy for Hornets training camp.

Because of NBA regulations, neither team can publicly discuss details about the trade until the new salary cap is implemented on July 7th. At that time, a physical will be conducted on Belinelli; as long as he's healthy other than the jaw, it should go through.

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