The Golden State Warriors have just added another superstar in Kevin Durant to a team that went 73-9 last year, making them the odds on favorite to win the 2017 title by a wide margin. This newly coined ‘Big 4’ era is favored by Vegas sportsbooks to take it all, even heavier than Miami’s ‘Big 3’ was when it formed in 2010. With this signing, it is likely that other players currently on the Warriors roster may be on the move, so the Golden State front office will have to get creative as they dance with the salary cap to provide the Splash Triplets with a supporting cast.

One potential move could be the return of Ray Allen, whom the Warriors have been courting for a comeback since 2014. Allen has not played basketball professionally since the 2014, when he averaged 9.6 points while shooting 37.5% from behind the arc, but he has been rumored to have kept himself in shape.

He has still not officially retired despite not playing for the past two seasons, which has led to comeback rumors throughout the past two offseasons as well as near the trade deadline. It's possible that Allen would prefer to only play a partial season to avoid injury.

Although the Warriors have no lack of shooting, Allen, who through 18 NBA seasons shot 40% from 3 point range, would seem to fit in well with the Warriors spread style of play. The Cavaliers and Heat are also frequently tied to Ray Allen rumors, but the team most likely to help provide Allen with his third championship ring this year would be Golden State.

If he returns, the 41 year old would become the oldest active player in the NBA and require a veteran minimum of just over $1.5 million. Given that he's two years removed from professional basketball, this may be an unlikely comeback, but it would certainly be interesting to see Ray play alongside the man who has broken so many of his shooting records in Steph Curry.

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