During a press conference Steph Curry revealed he was in an Uber the other day. This shocked a reporter in the press room so much that he had to ask Curry to clarify his comments that he was actually sitting in an Uber. It's well-known that athletes are wealthy individuals, meaning a lot of them have private cars that take them to and from events – so it's understandable why this reporter was so stunned. Some athletes even have their own private helicopters, in the case of Kobe Bryant.

It's obvious that ride-share applications like Uber and Lyft have been disrupting the traditional way of traveling, but looks like it's been affecting even the wealthiest individuals.

Trying to find a difference between LeBron James and Steph Curry? Here's one: Steph Curry uses Uber while LeBron James does not even have an Uber account.

Here's a look at the shocked reporters' question:

LeBron's response to taking an Uber:

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