While playing Resident Evil Village, Ethan Winters encounters a small shrine dedicated to a deity called Mother Miranda. The shrine has a small plaque that reads:

“We offer these Goats of Warding to protect the village and its people.

Any who break them shall feel Mother Miranda’s wrath.”

Naturally, gamers will not feel deterred by this warning. Instead, it prompts gamers that this thing appears in the game to be destroyed. So, just like any sane person seeing such a warning would do, Ethan knifes the poor wooden goat and moves along.

There are twenty of these goats hidden throughout Resident Evil Village. But what do they actually do?

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What do the Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding do?

If you’re curious if it’s worth finding all 20 Goats of Warding, the quick answer is yes. You collect a certain amount of Collection Points for every goat you find and destroy, which counts towards one of the game’s many Challenges. Thus, collecting them for the Challenges counts as one of the only two ways to collect CP in Resident Evil Village. You’ll need a lot of CP to eventually be able to afford the LZ AnswererResident Evil Village‘s version of the lightsaber.

However, if you ask what the game will give you if you manage to find all 20 Goats of Warding, the answer is a lot less exciting. Truth be told, the game doesn’t give you anything apart from an achievement telling you you’ve collected all of the Goats. So, unless you’re a completionist, you can completely ignore the Goats of Warding. After all, farming CP in Mercenaries Mode may actually be an easier and more exciting way to do it. Finding all the Goats may prove to be a real challenge. If you still want to collect them all, IGN prepared a very detailed guide on where to find every single one of them in Resident Evil Village.