Rick Riordan is hard at work with Percy Jackson and the Olympians' season two for Disney+.

“Our intrepid writers' room sails into the Sea of Monsters. The season two script work is ‘full steam ahead‘ and I love it. The only problem is I want to watch these episodes NOW. But I imagine some of you feel the same way,” the best-selling author wrote on Threads.

Rick Riordan and the Sea of Monsters

He included a black-and-white photo of a Civil War ship. If you read the books, then you know that this is part of a major plot point in the second book, The Sea of Monsters. Riordan also serves as an executive producer for the Disney+ series.

The show was greenlit for a second season early in February, with Riordan expressing hope that it would get a renewal and confirming that the writers had already begun drafting early episodes.

Percy Jackson's first season was a massive success for Disney. Its premiere episodes were earned 13.3 million views during its first six days on Hulu and Disney+.

There has been no announcement yet on casting for season two. However, the show's producers have teased that there will be more Olympians joining the demigods in the next season.

Percy Jackson: Choose your own demigod

Disney+'s Percy Jackson and the Olympians poster; silhouettes of Greek gods and goddesses

Both the producers and the cast have said they were excited to introduce the cyclops Tyson — who also happens to be Percy's half-brother — as well as Aphrodite's daughter Silena Beauregard and probably the most anticipated casting: Zeus' daughter Thalia Grace. Aryan Simhadri, who plays Grover, spoke with CBR and suggested Avatar: The Last Airbender's Momona Tamada as Thalia. Tamada worked with Walker Scobel, who plays the titular Percy on the 2022 film Secret Headquarters.

Clarisse La Rue (Dior Goodjohn) will be playing a larger role in the second season alongside the trio of Percy, Grover and Annabeth Chase (Leah Jeffries). Clarisse is Ares' daughter and Percy's main bully at Camp Half-Blood.

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Disney+'s Percy Jackson and the Olympians poster; silhouettes of Greek gods and goddesses

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In an interview with CBR, Goodjohn said that she's looking forward to a scene in the Sea of Monsters where she comes face-to-face with her father, the god of war. Ares is played by Adam Copeland, and while the actress didn't share scenes with him in the first season said that he was “such a talented actor, and he gives all of his emotional bank to a scene.”

“He'll just put it all out on there on the floor and give you so much to work with and play off of. So that's one thing that I really, really hope I get to do with him,” she explained.

Riordan's other mythology-based series, The Kane Chronicles, has been stuck in development at Netflix. However, he recently confirmed that the movie may have a “turnaround.” Kane Chronicles could be saved and will depend “on whether another studio would like to step in, assume the preproduction costs, and move forward,” he added.

Could Disney be that studio? In October 2023, Disney executive Karey Burke said that the studio is eager to adapt all of Rick Riordan's Camp Half-Blood books, aside from Percy Jackson. However, she only mentioned the Camp Half-Blood books. Here's to hoping that the studio will expand their interest to encompass Riordan's entire library of mythology. Or at least start with Kane.