The 2022 NBA Draft is right around the corner and trade rumors are pouring through the news cycle. Thursday night should be an interesting evening for the Houston Rockets, as the club is attached to numerous trade rumors in the league. With that in mind, second-year forward Kenyon Martin Jr. might be on the move.

According to The Athletic, Martin put in a “candid” trade request to the front office. With the uncertainty of who the Rockets are going to acquire come draft night, Kenyon Martin Jr. feels it's in his best interest to find a new team to play for. Considering, “the potential moves following Thursday’s draft, the sudden reality is there isn’t as clear of a path to minutes for Martin in the rotation.”

Although he has submitted a trade request, there doesn't seem to be any “bad blood” between either side. The Rockets are very clearly all-in on a rebuild and Kenyon Martin Jr. brings some value in trade negotiations, per The Athletic. “There are a number of teams — playoff contenders included — that have registered interest in Martin in the past.”

There are three qualities opposing teams are valuing in regards to Kenyon Martin Jr. The Athletic writes, “his combination of age, athleticism and untapped potential deemed as attractive.” So, it sounds like the Rockets have another valuable trade piece on hand as the front office focuses on acquiring as many talented prospects as possible.

This sounds like a smart move for both sides. Houston can deal Martin away for more draft picks or acquire a player to fill a position of need. Meanwhile, Kenyon Martin Jr. heads to a new club where he can further continue developing his game and expand his career. It's going to be a busy evening for the Rockets, but making these deals are necessary for the franchise to become competitive once again.