When you wear a fake beard in public, chances are you are going to get checked by security. There’s also a chance that you would get a free pair of sneakers from NBA superstar James Harden. Just take for example this young Houston Rockets fan, who wore a faux beard to the Rockets game Sunday against the Minnesota Timberwolves, and after getting spotted by Harden, received the MVP candidate’s shoes.


James Harden might not remember this specific moment many years down the road, but mini-Harden has this encounter with the Rockets’ shooting guard permanently seared on his mind.

Apart from the fresh kicks, the young Harden wannabe also was gifted by the Rockets with a 129-120 road win over Minnesota. Harden, as usual, led Houston, dropping 34 points and dishing out 12 dimes. He shot 50 percent from the floor (9-of-18) and had four rebounds and two steals, too.

Harden and the Rockets are definitely feeling good right now, especially after netting their fifth win in a row. They have won 22 of their last 23 outings, and there is no sign of slowing down. With Harden and Chris Paul at the helm, Houston has managed to wrestle away the best record in the NBA from the Golden State Warriors. After taking down Minnesota, the Rockets improved their slate to 56-14, three games ahead of everybody in the dog-eat-dog world of the Western Conference.

Up ahead for the Rockets is a colossal locking of horns with the also streaking Portland Trail Blazers this coming Tuesday at Moda Center.