Houston Rockets star James Harden is one of the best players in the NBA. Though his defense lacks the same panache that he produces on the offensive side of the ball, he is doing so much on the more glamorous end that a few lapses here and there can be forgiven.

Though many casual NBA fans (and some hardcore ones) might dislike Harden’s extreme foul-drawing tactics, there can be no debate that they’re extremely effective, and he knows exactly how to manipulate plays so that he gets a favorable whistle.

It might not be the most “pure” way of playing, but darn it, it’s extremely effective. Couple that with an immense beard, some amazing step-back three-pointers and some saucy dribble moves and you have one of the best offensive players in the modern NBA.

Harden has made a fool out of an extremely high number of NBA defenders, and he added another victim, sorry, player to his list in Wednesday night’s game against the Utah Jazz by clobbering Ricky Rubio off the dribble:

Man, now that’s disrespectful. It’s a shame that shot didn’t go down, as a pre-shot shimmy before draining a triple after sending a defender flying via a crossover would’ve been one of the most memorable dribble moves of all time – let alone in the Western Conference playoffs!

Harden is a beast, and the Rockets look to be right back where they were this time last year – as one of the main threats to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference.