Huh-huh. Score…Ryan Gosling and the rest of the cast were cracking up on SNL's Beavis and Butt-Head sketch.

Nobody could keep a straight face for the part of the show that featured Gosling as a guy who looked dead on Beavis and Mikey Day, who resembled Butt-Head.

But first…

About Beavis and Butt-Head

To recap, in case you didn't know, Beavis and Butthead was a popular cartoon in the '90s created by Mike Judge. The teenagers acted out of touch with reality — always snickering, looking dumbfounded, and trying to score (unsuccessfully). They're still around today but had a cultural impact on Generation X.

On SNL, the sketch focused on a town hall. Heidi Gardner portrayed the host, who interviewed Kenan Thompson as a supposedly A.I. expert. Thompson couldn't help but notice that an audience member looked like Beavis—who was Gosling decked out in blond hair and a prosthetic nose wearing a ‘Death Rock' shirt.

Thompson looked over at Garnder and said, “To be clear, I'm not anti A.I., I Beavis….BELIEVE, A.I. needs to be properly regulated. I'm sorry.”

Gardner said, “I'm sorry. Is there a problem?”

“Um, yeah. There's a gentleman in your audience who looks strikingly familiar to Beavis from Beavis and Butt-Head. It's just a little bit distracting.”

Gosling looked around as if he didn't know who he was talking about.

From that point, things go off the rails. Gardner starts to crack up while Gosling gets up to move seats, insisting he has never heard of that cartoon character. The host (Gardner) also said she had never watched the cartoon series and didn't know who he was referring to.

From this point, Day moved in and sat where Gosling was.

“Oh my God…,” Thompson said, once he noticed the Butt-Head lookalike sitting there. “Are you serious?”

He added, “Now there's a gentleman behind you that looks like Butt-Head.”

When Gardner turned around and looked at him, she started laughing uncontrollably and couldn't keep a straight face. The audience is all cracking up as well, along with other cast members.

Day acted confused as well, not knowing why he had to move seats — not familiar about Butt-Head.

“You two really don't know that you look like Beavis and Butt-Head?” Thompson adds.

Gosling also cracks up throughout the whole thing. Part of it was scripted, as they laughed like the iconic characters.

Chloe Fineman, who was playing a member of the audience, couldn't maintain her composure and laughed, skipping beats in her lines.

The whole Ryan Gosling episode was a pretty good one. It opened with Kate McKinnon and the Ken star. Not only did the cast bust out laughing during the Beavis and Butt-Head sketch, but the audience was also in tears through most of the episode's other moments.

What doesn't suck is SNL posted the clip on their YouTube.