New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees made it clear he respects the greatness of Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald. The NFL has been releasing its annual Top 100 list over the past week, and Brees was getting interviewed on The Dan Patrick Show when he was asked about his ranking.

Brees came in at number two on the list, and being the humble guy that he is, didn’t really want to talk about it. Instead, he deflected by talking about the Rams’ superstar.

“I wholeheartedly agree with who got number one, Aaron Donald,” Brees said. Patrick asked if Donald was the best player in football, to which he said: “there’s no question, there’s no question.” Donald is “unbelievable,” he added.

Donald is coming off back to back Defensive Player of the Year awards, so it’s hard to argue with that. Brees has gone up against Donald several times recently, including in last year’s NFC Championship Game. That game, of course, ended in controversy, but Brees isn’t bitter enough over the pass interference non-call to hold it against Donald.

The Rams and Saints are the two favorites to come out of the NFC, so they very well could meet in the championship game once again. Brees is 40 now, but he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down.

He threw 32 touchdown passes last year and completed a league-best 74.4 percent of his passes. Donald had a league-best 20.5 sacks, and should once again be the most dominant defender in the game in 2019. The Rams and Saints square off in Week 2, so we’ll get to see these two play each other pretty soon.