Here is our Hermit Social Link Guide for Saori Hasegawa in Persona 3 Portable. The guide includes the dialogue options, her available days, and more.

This guide may contain spoilers, so do be careful.

Persona 3 Portable Saori Hasegawa Hermit Social Link Guide

You can find her either in front of the library or the Nurse’s Office in Gekkoukan. She is available during the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Unlike Persona 4 and 5, the Protagonist does not get additional skills during battle. If you do max his Social Link, however, you will receive the PA Recording, which allows the fusion of Arahabaki.

Saori Hasegawa Dialogue Options

Female Protagonist

If you choose to play as the female protagonist, you can start the Social Link on May 8. To start it, the player must join either the health committee or the library committee.

The affection points below assume that you have a Persona of the Hermit arcana with you.

Rank 1

  • “I’m Saori Hasegawa.”
    • I’m very pleased to meet you. 0
    • Oh, hi… 0
  • “You don’t have to be so polite to me.”
    • All right. 0
    • But that senior a moment ago… 0
  • “…Could you just try?”
    • Of course I can! 0
    • No special treatment for you! 0
    • That’s a load off my back… 0

Rank 2

Completing this unlocks the flag that will start the Devil Social Link. You can find this in Paulownia Mall at night

  • “We should put them on the shelves. Could you help me out?”
    • Of course! +3
    • That’s my job. 0
    • What a chore… 0
  • “…She’s my classmate.”
    • Do you two not get along? 0
    • She was very polite to you… 0
  • “I see you sometimes in the hall, and you always look like you’re having fun.”
    • You should’ve come talk to me. +3
    • You think so…? 0

Rank 3

  • “Whew… Today was pretty rough, don’t you think?”
    • Let’s stay here a little longer. +3
    • Wanna grab something to eat? 0
    • I wanna go home. 0
  • “Oh, wait, my notes…”
    • The ones that other girl lost? 0
    • Wanna borrow mine? 0
  • “Well, there’s no point complaining about what I don’t have.”
    • Won’t you confront her? +3
    • But she’s being terrible to you! +2

Rank 4

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  • “…That was sudden. It surprised me.”
    • Do you get along with him? 0
    • You’re pretty popular! 0
  • “But if he really wants to go out with me, then…”
    • Aren’t you being a doormat? +3
    • Stand up for yourself! +2
  • “…Do you think it’s wrong to think that way?”
    • I can understand that. +3
    • How is that fun, though? +2
    • It takes all types… 0

Rank 5

  • “At least, that’s what I heard is going to go in it.”
    • Is Mr. Edogawa writing it? 0
    • We should make it fun to read. 0
  • Gaudy Female Student: “You so much as say hello to my man again… you’re goin’ down.”
    • It’s a misunderstanding! 0
    • How dare you hit her! 0
    • You’re going down right now! 0
  • “I’m sorry you had to see that…”
    • I don’t mind at all. +3
    • It’s that bastard’s fault! 0
  • “I thought it’d be nice to have a friend around my own age…”
    • Can’t you like younger guys? 0
    • Did you like Takaoka-kun? 0
  • “But it’ll never work out, and I can’t do anything about it.”
    • Why can’t it work? 0
    • What kind of person is he? 0

Rank 6

  • “Hardly anyone’s stopped by. It’s been like this since this morning.”
    • Since this morning? 0
    • I wonder why. 0
  • “I wonder… Is it my fault that nobody’s come in today?”
    • What did you do? +3
    • What do you mean? 0
  • “…Oh, if they see you with me, they might start new rumors…”
    • Let them talk. +3
    • You’re just imagining things. 0
  • “…There’s a lot of space left. Can we write that much…?”
    • We’ll just have to try. 0
    • At least we can half-ass it. 0
  • “What sounds like a realistic problem someone would have?”
    • I can’t get a boyfriend. 0
    • My boyfriend’s cheating on me. 0
    • My boyfriend’s too controlling. 0
  • “Okay, I’ll write the title and work on the layout. Can you write the article, -chan?”
    • Okay. 0
    • I’m not too confident. 0
  • “My personal experiences aren’t worth shit here.”
    • ‘Shit’!? 0
    • …Did you mean to say that? 0
  • “How did I do? Did I say that right?”
    • It was great. 0
    • No, not at all. 0

Rank 7

  • “…They’re calling for us?”
    • Do you have any idea why? 0
    • Well, let’s go. 0
  • “I…”
    • You’ve got this all wrong! 0
    • What did you call me for? 0
  • “If you stay near me, you’re going to lose any reputation you had.”
    • Don’t worry about it. +3
    • Was that article real? 0
    • “Look what 4000 yen got me into..
    • Why did you do such a thing? 0
    • Didn’t you suspect this? 0
  • “I’m too scared…”
    • I’m with you. 0
    • I’ll root for you. 0
    • Everyone’s alone. 0

Rank 8

  • > Saori hangs her head low…
    • Don’t let it get to you. +3
    • C’mon, stay strong. +2
    • Are you all right? +2
  • “…I don’t want to get you involved.”
    • I don’t mind that at all. +3
    • It’s a little too late now! 0
  • “I might be transferred to another school.”
    • When!? 0
    • Do you want to be transferred? 0

Rank 9

  • “……”
    • I’m going to punch them. +3
    • I’m going to go shut them up. +2
  • “I don’t care how other people see me… But I want you to know that.”
    • I believe you. +3
    • Are you sure? 0
  • > That seems like nothing more than confessing to all the lies being said…
    • Let’s clear these lies up. 0
    • But that’s like admitting defeat! 0
  • “Huh…? B-But how…?”
    • Tell them the truth. 0
    • Make them see the truth! 0
  • > The school announcements…?
    • That’s it! 0
    • I’ve found a way! 0
  • “The broadcast… B-But I can’t do that…”
    • You can do it! 0
    • Don’t you wanna clear your name? 0
  • “……”
    • It was my idea. 0
    • Was there any other way? 0

Rank 10

  • “This is where we say… farewell.”
    • Aren’t you being melodramatic? 0
    • See ya! 0
  • “I’m going to try to start over and try to stand up on my own.”
    • You can do it, Saori. +3
    • I’ll be lonely without you… +3

Male Protagonist

If you choose to play as the male protagonist, you will not have Saori Hasegawa as your Hermit Social Link. Instead, Maya will be your Hermit Social Link.

That’s all for our guide on Persona 3 Portable’s Hermit Social Link, Saori Hasegawa. Persona 3 Portable is available on PC. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.