Geno Smith took the Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback position last year and ran with it. Although his rapport on the field with DK Metcalf was inconsistent at times, the star wide receiver says that Smith has become the leader that the Seahawks needed, reports ProFootballTalk's Josh Alper.

“Just going into training camp, he’s the first one out there and the first one at the facility,” Metcalf said. “He’s watching film. He’s not talking. He just had his head down and he’s working. Week Eight, he gave us a pregame speech and you could just see everyone locked in on him because they had seen how much he had matured and changed. He wasn’t the same Geno. He was like, ‘This is my team now. Ya’ll are gonna listen. I’ve put in the work and I’ve put in the time to where I have stapled my name in Seattle.’ And everybody just started to respect him.”

DK Metcalf is adamant that Geno Smith took the responsibility upon himself to become a leader for the Seahawks, and his teammates responded by listening. Metcalf stresses that a major reason Smith was able to earn respect is that he did serve his time as a backup and he served it admirably; all of his teammates were certain of the work that Smith put in to become the starter, and when he developed a stronger voice, they could all understand where it was coming from.

The Seahawks now head into this season with postseason expectations behind Smith. Seattle fans would love to see a stronger connection between DK Metcalf and Geno Smith this year in order to make dreams of a deep playoff run a reality.