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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson reacts to Chris Carson’s 3rd fumble of 2019

Russell Wilson, Seahawks, Chris Carson

The Seattle Seahawks were close to completing an incredible comeback against the New Orleans Saints. However, costly fumbles cost them the game and saw them lose by a narrow 27-33.

The press questioned Russell Wilson if Chris Carson’s fumble cost the team the victory. He answers, as Gregg Bell noted, that it’s not exactly his fault why the team wasn’t able to come away with the win at CenturyLink Field.

Carson had a rather poor outing for the Seahawks. He only managed to notch 53 yards through 15 carries and was mostly ineffective on the ground. Meanwhile, Wilson was effective on the running game and managed 51 yards on only seven carries. He also notched two rushing TDs to his name during the game.

If we combine his running numbers with his equally stunning passing performance of 406 passing yards and two passing TDs, there’s no question that Wilson willed the team to a near comeback but managed to fall short.

Unfortunately, Carson didn’t play his best after his costly fumble because he’s a capable running back. Last season, he managed 1151 rushing yards and nine rushing touchdowns on the ground. Fans can write his game as a one-off.

Meanwhile, it’s a good showcase of leadership for Russell to not put all of the blame to a single player. He knows that fumbles are an unavoidable part of the game and is something that they must live with.

However, the entire team fell short to Wilson’s expectations. While he played brilliant football from the pocket, the team didn’t step up to his standards. The team looked impotent on the attack, and there’s no doubt Pete Carroll is disappointed with his team’s performance.

The Seahawks have to play better against Arizona if they want to redeem themselves from their shambolic showing.