Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks has performed to an MVP level on the field this season. Apparently, he's looking to transition those skills off the field as well, attempting to trademark the phrase “Let Russ Cook,” according to Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property.

While filing for the trademark, Wilson intends to follow up his business strategy by opening a line of cooking utensils that he'll sell at a later point. This isn't Wilson's first business venture, seeing as how he's one of the heavier entrepreneurs in the NFL world. The seven-time Pro-Bowler has in recent years initiated business plots to bring franchises to different sport platforms such as the MLB and the NBA. He also has his hand in the clothing business with his Good Man Brand project.

Most of Wilson's projects have come in back-to-back settings, even spreading his time into charitable contributions. He also launched a group called Limitless Minds that focuses on selling training consulting services.

Wilson is still able to achieve much success in his business ventures while maintaining his stardom-like stature on the field. He's completed 71.5 percent of his passes for 2,151 yards, resulting in an exceptional 26 touchdowns, putting him on schedule to beat his record of 35 that he achieved in 2018. His Seahawks club has only lost one game this season as they boast a 6-1 record heading into Week 9.

Wilson and the Seahawks will march into Week 9 and face off against a streaking Buffalo Bills squad that's risen through the ranks this season. They're coming off a win against the New England Patriots in Week 8.