The San Jose Sharks won't be mistaken for buyers at the NHL Trade Deadline. San Jose is one of the worst teams in the league this year. And they have a few players who could entice contenders between now and March 8. One player is captain Logan Couture. Couture is out with an injury, but that hasn't quieted any speculation.

Speculation is one thing, though. Whether the veteran forward actually moves to a new team remains to be seen. However, Couture only has one team he wants to play for. And it's the team he has spent his entire career with to this point.

“Right now, I'm injured,” the Sharks captain said Monday, via “I just want to play hockey again. That's where my mind is at. If I can get back to playing hockey again, that's a question you can ask me, but I want to be on the Sharks. I love this place.”

Why Sharks could move Logan Couture at NHL Trade Deadline

The Sharks are in the midst of a rebuild at this time. San Jose is tied with the Chicago Blackhawks for last place in the Western Conference. Given their position, they are likely to trade pending free agents or other veterans with value for future assets. Logan Couture could be one of those players.

However, a trade is not that straightforward. The Sharks captain is injured, and it is unclear when he'll return to the ice. Furthermore, he is signed for the next three seasons with a cap hit of $8 million. While injuries haven't been a major concern in the past, the veteran forward has played just six games this year.

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Couture certainly has a promising track record. He flirted with the 70-point mark just last season, and he is a three-time 30+ goal scorer. Furthermore, he helped the Sharks make their only Stanley Cup Final appearance back in 2016. There is a lot he can offer a contending team.

The NHL Trade Deadline is less than two weeks away on March 8. Logan Couture has his eyes on playing for only one team. Let's see if he gets his wish and remains with the Sharks for the rest of the 2023-24 NHL season.