Mark Gatiss, recent Olivier winner and Sherlock co-creator said he and the team behind the BBC detective drama haven't lost interest in adapting the series into a feature film, Deadline reported.

Gatiss co-created the show with Steven Moffat. He was asked on the Olivier Awards green carpet at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

“We'd like to make a film but trying to get everyone together is very difficult,” he said to entertainment website.

Is there a possibility of a Sherlock (BBC version) movie?

Gatiss added that in order to get a clearer answer about the possibility of a movie, “you'll have to ask Benedict [Cumberbatch] and Martin [Freeman].”

The multi-hyphenate artist said the same thing in July 2023 when asked by the Guardian. He said that a Sherlock movie was “the natural thing to do” after the series ended.

When Gatiss was asked for a timeline of when the film would come about, he replied, “People think you can just wave a wand.”

“It's incredibly difficult to get people interested and get films made. I remember talking to Edgar Wright about Ant-Man, into which he put eight years of his life and then didn't make it. Eight years is not short of a decade,” he continued.

Gatiss is also the creator of the series Netflix/BBC's Dracula and the BBC's The League of Gentlemen. He told Deadline last week that he is current writing and will be starring in Bookish.

It's a British TV drama that follows the story about the owner of a book shop who ends up helping the police solve crimes. The series is intended to have six parts for Alibi, the UKTV crime drama network which is set in 1946 post-war London.

Gatiss' character, Gabriel Book, is described as an “erudite and unconventional” amateur detective who solves mysteries using the thousands of books in his book shop giving him the information he needs. Surrounding him are friends and neighbors who are “lovable, damaged misfits who informally protects, cajoles and mentors.”

So a librarian Sherlock then?

It'll take a bit of time before a Sherlock movie can be in production. In the mean time, there's something Sherlock-adjacent for fans to anticipate.