Sixers news: Bryan Colangelo updates Markelle Fultz' recovery
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Bryan Colangelo updates Markelle Fultz’ recovery

Markelle Fultz

The recovery and impending return of Philadelphia 76ers rookie point guard Markelle Fultz has been a topic of discussion within recent weeks, as he’s been seen ramping up his workouts before and after practice.

Fultz had been mired with a Shaq-like form at the free-throw line, completely different than what his usual form looked like during his lone year at the University of Washington.

President of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo previously mentioned the possibility of Markelle Fultz being out for the rest of the season and most recently cleared up his comments on the matter.

Colangelo said Fultz’ range of comfort was “within the paint” at the moment, but his return wouldn’t depend on his range capabilities, but rather the overall comfort around the floor.

“From what I’ve seen him do instinctively — drives in the lane, spins, dribbles, rise-up, pull-up. Everything within a certain range, it’s beautiful,” said Colangelo. “He’s getting more and more comfortable and as he gets more comfortable, I’m sure he’ll start to step out on the perimeter.”

The Sixers have found themselves dealing with an issue unlike any other, as pro athletes, let alone No. 1 overall selections rarely have to work on their game from the ground up in order to make it out on the floor.

Fultz has been subject to a quarterback-like progression of his recovery and by the looks of it, some progress is being made. Thought it wouldn’t be surprising for the Sixers to once again err in the side of caution and hold him out for the remainder of the season to truly getting him right in all aspects of the game.