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Jimmy Butler hints at the real reason he left Philadelphia


Former Sixers star Jimmy Butler hinted at the real reason he chose to part ways with the Philadelphia 76ers after less than a full season with the team. Jumping on as a guest of The JJ Redick Podcast, the Miami Heat star wouldn’t point fingers but he greatly described what stirred into his swift exit in the summer.

Transcript via Kyle Neubeck of The Philly Voice:

“I ain’t throwing nobody under the bus since you think I seem to throw people under the bus,” said the former Sixers talent. “Somebody told me a main reason I didn’t go back is because somebody asked, “Can you control him? Can you control Jimmy? If you can control Jimmy, we would think about having him back.” I was like you don’t got to worry about it, s**t can’t nobody f***ing control me. For one, I ain’t just out there doing no bulls**t, but the fact that you’re trying to control a grown man, naw I’m cool, because I don’t do nothing that’s just drastically f***ing stupidly crazy. I do not do that, so do not sit here and come at me with, “Oh we got to try and control him.”

“Nah, you good, don’t even have to worry about it. That was my whatchamacallit, you don’t got to worry about me coming. If that’s what y’all worried about it, I think man, good luck to y’all.”

It seems Butler knew he wasn’t coming back from the start… and he wasn’t shy to say it. Asked if he knew he had to explore other things, the star forward didn’t have qualms with it.

“S**t, I was knee deep in that already,” said Butler.

Butler knew Philadelphia was not a city he’d likely return to due to the dynamics of the Sixers. He’s all the better for it now, finding a team that has resonated with him in the Heat.