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Sixers star Joel Embiid gets huge MVP prediction from NBA analyst

Joel Embiid, Kendrick Perkins, Sixers

Last season, Philadelphia 76ers center and certified troll Joel Embiid barged into the MVP conversation with his stellar play. He finished second to Nikola Jokic, but one NBA analyst believes that Embiid can do better and win it in 2022 for the Sixers.

During an episode of “The Jump on ESPN”, Kendrick Perkins said that Joel Embiid has a better chance of winning the MVP for the Sixers over Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant. (via NBA on ESPN)

“If you have a Big 3 on your team, you can’t win the MVP award, it’s too hard! I’m going with Joel Embiid. We don’t know what’s gonna happen with Ben Simmons, but the way Joel Embiid finished second last year in the MVP voting. This year, he’s gotta come back on a better mission. I heard he’s in great shape, he signed a big contract extension, meaning he’s fully committed to the organization, and he wants to win.”

Durant, at the moment, is the hands down favorite to win the MVP over Embiid. However, as Perkins points out, it’s difficult to win the MVP with two All-Star teammates on your team.  On the Nets, Durant has to share the ball with James Harden and Kyrie Irving. Meanwhile, on the Sixers side, Embiid has to do all the work, with or without Ben Simmons next season. The narrative also matters: Embiid carrying the solo-carrying the Sixers squad next season is a better story than KD winning with the Big 3 in Brooklyn. There’s precedent for this already, with Russell Westbrook’s historic carry job earning him the 2017 MVP and Nikola Jokic getting the nod over Embiid last season.

Sixers fans are hoping Kendrick Perkins’ prediction comes true, and Embiid wins the first MVP for Philly since Allen Iverson in 2001. Basing from his performance last season, though, “The Process” is more than ready to take on that challenge.