Actress Sophie Turner, known for her role in “Game of Thrones,” has taken legal action against her estranged husband, Joe Jonas, filing a petition in New York City that demands the return of their children to England, according to court documents obtained by CNN.

The petition alleges the “wrongful retention” of their children “in New York City from their habitual residence of England,” stating that they established England as their “permanent” home in April 2023. Turner and Jonas moved into a long-term rental in May and signed contracts to purchase a home in July, with plans to relocate there in December.

However, complications regarding their travel arrangements over the summer reportedly strained their relationship. Turner began filming a new drama series in the UK in May, while the children were supposed to travel with Jonas and a nanny as he embarked on the Jonas Brothers' tour in the United States in late July. The initial plan was for the children to stay with Jonas and his extended family until Turner finished filming, at which point she would travel to New York in mid-September and return to the UK with the kids.

Then came the divorce bombshell. Jonas filed for divorce from Turner on September 5, and Turner claims she learned about it through the media. She had intended to return to England this month with the children but alleged that when she tried to retrieve their passports from Jonas last week, he refused.

A representative for Jonas disputed Turner's claim, asserting that she was aware in advance that he intended to file for divorce. The representative added that Jonas seeks shared parenting, allowing the children to be raised by both parents, in both the US and the UK, as they are American citizens.

The divorce proceedings between the celebrity couple appear to be growing increasingly complex and contentious.