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Kawhi Leonard is mad at comments from Tony Parker, didn’t want to sit with Gregg Popovich

tony parker, kawhi leonard

Kawhi Leonard recently sat down with Gregg Popovich in a meeting with huge ramifications on the San Antonio Spurs. Leonard has long been rumored as wanting out of the team, while Popovich hasn’t been fond of the manner his star’s camp has been communicating with the franchise.

Leonard can eventually be signed by the Spurs to a super-max contract, but the former Defensive Player of the Year and Finals MVP seems bent on cutting ties with the only team he’s played for so far. His marriage with the Spurs has had its fair share of rough times through the course of this unfortunate period.

In a report by Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, it appears that Leonard’s rift with the Spurs is unsalvageable especially after past comments from the team’s pillars in Popovich and Tony Parker.

Leonard had told confidants that he did not want to sit down with Popovich and has been purposely difficult for the Spurs to reach recently. Among the issues, Leonard is angry over what he believes was the Spurs’ mishandling of his quad injury, and remains irate with public comments from teammate Tony Parker and Popovich that he felt were not supportive of him, league sources said.

To recall, Parker wasn’t convinced that Leonard’s quad injury required the latter to miss too many games. Meanwhile, Popovich talked more about leaving the matter at the hands of Leonard’s handlers instead of continuing to remain hopeful in public of his star’s return.

In case of an eventual fallout, the Spurs aren’t expected to let go of Leonard easily without receiving a substantial package in return. But the risk of a one-year rental is scaring teams off from putting up an aggressive offer.