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Crazy Spurs fan already burns Kawhi Leonard jersey

Kawhi Leonard

It’s beginning to get ugly in Spurs nation. Following the reports of Kawhi Leonard seeking a trade out of San Antonio, legions of fans have taken their resentment over such development online. But at least one Spurs fan has vented his frustration by way of the timeless tradition of setting a disgruntled NBA superstar’s uniform – in his case Kawhi’s threads — on fire.

Hey, someone has to start the trend, right?

Burning NBA uniforms is a tactic that has never helped settle front office dilemmas, but obviously, the futility of such method is not stopping fans from doing it whenever they get any hint of star players planning to leave their teams. It’s never meant to solve anything in the first place, though. Rather, it’s an avenue for angry fans to express their disappointment without resorting to arson.

That Kawhi Leonard may be wearing a different uniform next season is a probability Spurs fans might have to start accepting. Leonard has a year left on his current deal with the Spurs, but any chance of him staying in San Antonio beyond 2019 has already been thrown out of the window following the news of his desire to get traded to another team. In the eyes of the many, the relationship between the Spurs and Leonard is now left charred.