The first wave of ported Wild Rift skins is here! Star Guardian Seraphine and Orianna are here, with Victorious Anivia and new Elderwood skins.

In the State of Skins 2023 published earlier this year, Product Manager Stephanie “100 pc nuggets” Leung talked about porting the Wild Rift skins and why they are being released with such a schedule.

“A few dev updates ago we announced that we’d be bringing a few of the Star Guardians skins that were exclusive to WIld Rift over to the PC side of League. We’re really excited with how the Epic skins are coming along and you should actually see those relatively soon on the following patches:

  • Star Guardian Seraphine and Orianna will be available in patch 13.13
  • Star Guardian Senna will be available in patch 13.14

Since this is new territory for us, as we’ve never ported skins from WR into League, we’ve discovered that the Legendaries take a bit more time to fully bring over in comparison to the Epic skins, so Redeemed Xayah and Rakan will be releasing closer to the end of this year.”

Wild Rift Star Guardian Skins

As revealed in the various League of Legends dev updates in the past few months, Riot Games are working towards porting Wild Rift skins over to League of Legends PC. The first ones to be launched in this line are Star Guardian Seraphine and Star Guardian Orianna. Star Guardian Senna and Redeemed Xayah and Rakan are to follow later this year.

“With these as our first time bringing Wild Rift Debut skins to League PC, we are looking to strike a balance between achieving parity between the two games while still making necessary gameplay clarity changes or up-resing where it makes sense given memory budgets. We learned a lot over the process of these about how we may approach in the future, and your notes are helping inform that too.

And as one last reminder, Senna will be on PBE next patch. Thanks for your enthusiasm and patience with bringin the girlies to PC. See you on the Rift!

Burning Bright, Riot Tiny Bun”

Star Guardian Seraphine – 1350 RP

“Seraphine has toured the entire galaxy as a solo act, but now it’s time for a Star Guardian collab. She’s ecstatic to team up with a new group of heroes, and she isn’t afraid to share that enthusiasm. They’re fighting for true love… what could be more romantic than that?!”

Star Guardian Seraphine's main color is orange and her splash art shows her singing atop her gilded floating stage. The palette of her outfit matches perfectly with the ombre of her hair from yellow to pink. As far as Seraphine skins go, the splash art is on the better side, as the Star Guardian skin line tends to be.

She's accompanied by big-mouthed (literally) friends with feathery ears by her side, acting as speakers. To be frank, it's a little unsettling to see this deep into their mouths.

Star Guardian Orianna and Star Guardian Senna can both be seen on the top-left of the splash art, too.

Post-PBE adjustments:

  • Additional sparkle VFX throughout her entire kit
  • Adjusting her Q VFX to emanate out from a central point instead of a uniform pulse, correcting the area of effect ring for improved visual clarity
  • Fixing the emblem VFX in the recall (as promised)
    There was a lot of passionate feedback and while I won’t be addressing every point, I did want to quickly note:

    • Having her stage present in her homeguard is a requirement for gameplay for League PC, as it is linked to her passive as well as helps communicate her silhouette.
    • We investigated her ‘feet wiggles’ during the recall wind down. The issue seems to occur from something with the base champion, so we’ve reached out about a more systematic fix; I cannot commit to a timeline as we need to work with Champs team on this.
    • We heard different preferences expressed for things like her hair or her ult SFX, so chose to take no action as it felt like it had the potential to cause more upset.

Star Guardian Orianna – 1350 RP

“When this robot girl wished upon the First Star, it granted her deepest desire: to become human. With that gift came all the responsibilities of a Star Guardian. Orianna analyzed the risks. Her chances of falling are… 1.3%. Of successfully blending in with high schoolers? The odds aren’t looking great.”

Star Guardian Orianna is blue, posing high in the atmosphere with the other Star Guardians right behind her. Her ball takes on the form of a blue owl, matching the blue palette that Orianna has. She looks graceful and human, as the lore blurb suggests a Pinocchio-like situation.

Victorious Anivia

“Victorious Anivia was awarded to players who earned the requisite ranked split points in Season 2023 Split 1. Rising from the ashes covered in crystalline armor, Anivia’s opulent feathers reflect her heightened nature. She is perseverance personified, an undying wish granted to those that need her most.”

“With the ranked changes this year, everyone who meets either condition will get a ranked skin this split. Gold or above with 80 split points, or at least 1600 SP. That means if you’re Iron, Bronze, or Silver, if you’re above 1600 points you’ll earn the SP. You’ll also get any versions for ranks below your rank – if you are Platinum, you’ll get the Plat, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron versions. Each version is intended to match the rank they represent. For the splash, we matched it to the Diamond version, as it felt closest to traditional Victorious colors. And like all other skins, we made one splash that doesn’t change with chromas.

It’s our first split with having ranked skin rewards for below Gold, but I can see from your feedback this was a miss for many of you. I’ve passed the feedback on the skin directions on to our Ranked team internally to discuss for future splits.


6armedrobot on behalf of Riot Tiny Bun”

Elderwood Karthus

“Karthus was a brilliant scholar once upon a time. But when a disease nearly eradicated his people, he researched forbidden Coven magic, hoping to resurrect his loved ones… with catastrophic consequences. Now, he roams the Elderwood as a decaying creature, spreading his plague throughout the forest and inviting its inhabitants to transcend through death.”

Elderwood Karthus looks outright terrifying on this skin, his undead appearance coupled with the withered fauna making for a creepy entity in the middle of the woods. Karthus has gained horns thanks to the tree theme going on with this skin line, only enhancing his terrifying silhouette. He's separated into two halves, the half affected by the Coven magic purple, while the other side is adorned with browning leaves. His staff looks cool, too, taking on the appearance of a hand.

Elderwood Wukong

“A protector with no one left to protect, Wukong torments any creatures who dare traverse within the Elderwood’s depths. After the Coven destroyed his village in search of his enchanted staff’s limitless power, he learned that trust is a fool’s luxury. The gleam from his weapon’s crystals serve as a constant reminder of the ancient trickster’s failure.”

Elderwood Wukong's splash art defies expectations, as it showcases a non-monkey-like appearance. Despite this departure, Wukong maintains an air of coolness with his striking headpiece. The presence of his sinister clone lurking in the background adds an intriguing twist. While the theme may deviate from Wukong's usual portrayal, it nevertheless exudes a pleasing aesthetic.

These skins go live with League of Legends Patch 13.13 in June 27, 2023.