There's been a lot of chatter surrounding JuJu Smith-Schuster's pending free agency and the many speculated suitors that will want his talents. Smith-Schuster reaffirmed his loyalty to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a heartfelt message on Instagram, but many spectators assume that he'll definitely field offers from other teams.

In the meantime, Smith-Schuster dished out a tweet clapping back at those same assumers, stating that many of the ongoing sources have their facts wrong:

Smith-Schuster ended his season on a disappointing note after being eliminated by the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Wild Card game. The irony in the situation is the disrespectful comments that Smith-Schuster heaved at the Browns prior to the beatdown.

Even though the Steelers were heavy favorites coming into the playoffs, many experts didn't see the club going far given the relatively easier schedule they had during their glamorous win streak. Smith-Schuster still contributed to that run. The 24-year old wide receiver caught 75.8 percent of his passes during the regular season for 831 yards, resulting in nine total touchdowns.

If Smith-Schuster is in fact looking at other destinations and simply trying to save face, the Steelers would still have an enjoyable amount of downfield weapons in his absence. Rookie Chase Claypool showed much promise during this season and will look to carry that on regardless of the Steelers' overall direction.

As for the Steelers as a whole, the organization could be looking into a potential rebuild after a disappointing loss in only the first round. Smith-Schuster could ultimately end up not fitting into their future plans if it benefits the team's overall goal going forward.