After one of the most amazing seasons ever seen from an individual player, Golden State Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry was voted as MVP of the NBA for the second straight year in a row, becoming the first player to win the award unanimously. But, despite all of his regular season success, his playoff performance left many unsatisfied, including himself.

Part of Steph’s game is his seemingly effortless passing ability. When his passes are on target and creating plays for his teammates, they’re touted as incredible. But the lax play can also often lead to turnovers; something Warriors’ fans have become accustomed to and accept as one of Steph’s weaknesses.

Unfortunately for those fans, the Cavaliers did an excellent job of capitalizing on those mistakes.

In a series that seemed to be an extension of the rest of his 2016 playoffs, Steph somehow averaged more turnovers than assists. Through all seven games of the NBA Finals, Steph had 26 assists (3.7 per game) and 30 turnovers (4.2 per game).

For the first ever unanimous MVP, the stat is a haunting one.

However, despite the lackluster performance on his part, Steph has graciously accepted defeat (with help from Riley), and now has his sights set on next season where the Warriors are likely to remain title contenders.

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