Get 'em while they're hot! You rarely see NBA star Steph Curry and Bradley Cooper shooting cheesesteaks into a crowd (actually, you probably never have). But that's what happened at the BottleRock Music Festival on Saturday.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the stars helped draw the biggest attendence ever at the fest. And they had some fun while there, launching the delicious food items to highly energetic fans.

Steph Curry and Bradley Cooper at BottleRock

The Williams Sonoma Culinary Stage featured Curry and Cooper showing the crowd their jump shot skills—except it was cheesesteaks instead of basketballs.

On Saturday, the area around the small stage was so packed with guests that the fest organizers had to rope off some areas and clear walkways between the JaM Cellars and Verizon stages. A lot of this was due to these two stars hanging out.

As for the cheesesteaks, they were from Cooper's culinary partnership with Philadelphia native Danny DiGiampietro.

Meanwhile, chef José Andrés kept the drinks flowing and gave a celebrity toast with Curry. This was partly due to the new addition to the Curry family, as his wife, Ayesha Curry, gave birth to their fourth child a few days beforehand. This was followed by tossing Iberico ham attached to Frisbees into the crowd and shooting bags of potato chips from the Andrés brand into a basketball hoop located in front of the stage.

It gets even wilder…

While Andrés was making his version of a Philly cheesesteak, Cooper interrupted him. He entered the stage, holding his sandwich and DiGiampietro, who owns Agnelo's Pizzeria. From there, they dueted the song Shallow from A Star is Born. Also, they tossed Danny & Coop's premade cheesesteaks into the enthusiastic crowd.

There was also a hint of what's to come with the NBA title.

Andrés asked Curry whether he would win another ring, to which he responded, “First, I'm going to go win a gold medal in Paris this summer.” This brought chants of “U-S-A.”

After the culinary stage appearance, Cooper got behind the grill. Some attendees could say they got food from an Oscar nominee. That'll be a good bar story for years to come.

Beyond the NBA star and award-winning actor, the three-day festival includes incredible music acts. Some top performers include Stevie Nicks, Megan Thee Stallion, Pearl Jam, Ed Sheeran, Queens of the Stone Age, The Offspring, Nelly, St. Vincent, and many others.

It features four music stages and one culinary stage, plus tons of food and wine, of course. Over 50 restaurants are in Napa Valley and the Bay Area, and some of the finest wineries pour 50 different wines.

The fact that you can get a cheesesteak from Steph Curry and Bradley Cooper makes that alone attending worth the price of admission. Unfortunately, the event ends today (Sunday) — so prepare to head to BottleRock Music Festival next year. Who knows what surprises it will bring…