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Stephen Curry had more rebounds in Game 3 than Tristan Thompson has all series

stephen curry

One intriguing statistic taken from Game 3 of the NBA Finals is that Stephen Curry finished with a team-high 13 rebounds. However, that’s not the only surprising revelation from the Golden State Warriors‘ pivotal 118-113 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

From Jabari Davis:

That’s right. Curry, who’s half-a-foot shorter and made a little over $3 million less this year than the 6’9″ Tristan Thompson, had more rebounds in a single game than the Cavs’ starting big man.

As a matter of fact, Thompson has a total of 11 rebounds through the first three games of the NBA Finals. Not only that, Curry was also one board shy of matching that same number in Game 2 with his 10 rebounds.

It’s already bad enough that Cleveland is virtually being fueled by the tandem of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving alone. It’s another to have a power forward, who the Cavs are on the hook for $15 million this season, be out-hustled by your opponent’s point guard who averages just 4.4 rebounds throughout his career.

Looks like someone’s not getting any love from his teammates (and from a certain Kardashian) following Wednesday night’s gut-wrenching loss.