HBCU alumnus and media personality Stephen A. Smith caused a social media firestorm after a clip of his comments about Donald Trump and the black community. In an appearance on Hannity, Smith appeared to insinuate that black people would support Donald Trump and find him relatable because of “what he's going through.”

“But, I gotta tell you something. As much as people may have been abhorred by Donald Trump's statement weeks ago talking about how black folks…he's hearing that black folks find him relatable because of what he's going through is similar to [what] Black Americans have gone through. He wasn't lying. He was telling the truth.

“When you see the law, law enforcement, the court system, and everything like that being exercised against him, it is something that black folks throughout this nation can relate to with some of our historic, iconic figures.

“We've seen that happen throughout society. So no matter what race, what ethnicity you may emanate from, we relate to you when you're suffering like that 'cause we know we have, and that's what he articulated.”

Social media users as well as leading political voices lined up to speak against his comments. Even the NAACP posted a tweet condemning Smith's comments.

“Relatable!?! Show of hands: Anyone in your Black family have 88 felony charges pending, filed for bankruptcy 6x, made an attempt to overthrow a presidential election and our democracy, and still have the ability to fall asleep in court and dream of being POTUS?,” the NAACP account posted with the hashtag “#BLASPHEMOUS”.

Smith rather promptly responded by quote tweeting the NAACP account, saying, “This is absolutely, positively, sad that you —@NAACP— would misrepresent my comments like this.

“I was asked what Blacks WHO SUPPORT TRUMP are thinking as to why they support him. I answer THAT question. Sad! But you’re entitled. Good luck. Maybe that will beat Trump, since little else seems to be working — which was my overall point. We shall see.”

But days later, it appears as if Smith heard the criticism and took to his The Stephen A. Smith Show podcast to further explain his comments and somewhat offer an apology.

“I'm fully aware that I've been in the news over the last few days, paraded all over social media as well after comments I made during my appearance on Fox News Hannity last week with the one and only Sean Hannity himself. And I'm fully aware of the outcry that has ensued because of it.

“A lot of folks in black America seem pretty pissed at me right now. From friends and loved ones to colleagues, contemporaries, and dare I say even the NAACP itself, quite a few folks were put off, if not flat-out offended, after my words were interpreted as associating support for Trump from the black community with all the legal issues he's facing. For that, I sincerely apologize.”

He continued, “To be clear, my words were misconstrued. I'm standing right here for the record that my words were taken out of context, misrepresenting and depicting me in a way I found every bit as insulting and disrespectful as folks in black America evidently felt about what they thought I said. But I'll own it anyway.”

He finished the video by saying, “I hope everyone can understand and appreciate my intent. If nothing else, as we march forward right here with the Stephen A. Smith show, but just because my intent was harmless doesn't mean my words were harm less. And I know that I can always do better. And I'll strive to do just that every single day that I'm alive.”

Smith isn't one to often apologize for his takes, a rarity even as it comes to sports for the ESPN First Take host. But he appeared to show some level of remorse for his comments. Only time will tell if Smith will handle similar topics differently moving forward.