Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith expressed his desire to engage in a debate with former President Donald Trump during his recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show. Despite abandoning his aspirations of becoming the President of the United States, Smith stated that he would “eat [Trump] alive” in a presidential debate if given the opportunity, HotNewHipHop reports.

During the interview, Smith discussed various political topics and reiterated his preference for California Governor Gavin Newsom over President Joe Biden. He clarified that he no longer has any interest in running for the presidency due to the associated pay cut, but he enthusiastically expressed his willingness to participate in a debate against Trump.

“I would love to be in a presidential debate,” Smith declared. “I’d eat him alive. I wouldn’t run for the presidency, but I’d debate Trump any day of the week. Name the time and place, and I’d show up.”

Stephen A. Smith speculated on the potential dynamics of a debate with Trump, expressing confidence in his ability to respond effectively to personal comments about his appearance. Despite acknowledging that Trump might not agree to such a debate, Smith emphasized the potential for high ratings and audience engagement if the two were to face off.

While Stern noted the reluctance of most people to engage in name-calling in a presidential race, Smith asserted his readiness to communicate effectively and resonate with the audience, highlighting the entertainment value of such a debate.

The idea of a debate between Smith and Trump, given their distinct communication styles, has sparked interest and speculation about the potential impact on the political landscape.