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Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry: 10 craziest circus shots of the star’s career

If Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry knows one thing it’s how to get buckets. The two-time MVP is already the greatest shooter in NBA history, dropping 40-plus at a moment’s notice.

With Curry being out for the majority of this season it may be easy for fans to forget just how ridiculous his ability to put the ball in the basket happens to be.

Over his 11 seasons in the league, the 6-foot-3 point guard has had his fair share of circus shots. Here are 10 of Curry’s craziest such shots in no particular order.


One of my favorites on this list. Expecting a foul to be called during a 2015 game against the Memphis Grizzlies, Curry threw an off-balance prayer from way beyond the arc only to bank in the one-handed circus shot.


Perhaps one of Curry’s most famous highlights, not only did Curry drain a difficult shot, but he also pulled off an incredible array of dribble moves in the process. Dribbling through four Clipper defenders, Stephen Curry nailed a fadeaway three with plenty of time left in the shot clock.


The first non-three-pointer on this list, it’s crazy how effortless Curry made this look. Not only was the layup a great highlight, but the fake pass to Zaza Pachulia was also a thing of beauty.


For as good as he is from shooting from long range, Stephen Curry has an incredible touch around the basket. He showed this off in 2015 against the Utah Jazz when he threw up a miracle underhand floater while falling down resulting in the hoop and the harm.


Credit to Jonathan Simmons for playing some solid defense here but Curry’s spin move and circus shot layup were just two of his game-high 36 points that led the Warriors to sweep the San Antonio Spurs in the 2017 Western Conference Finals.


At the end of the first quarter against the Los Angeles Clippers in 2018, Curry showed off his limitless range and lightning-quick release. After dribbling around two Clipper defenders, Curry made his way to the middle of half-court and let it fly witch just the flick of the wrist.


Sometimes you just have to throw a shot up there and hope for the best. That’s what Stephen Curry did against the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014 when he threw a prayer over his shoulder for the and-one basket.


The shot here is more than impressive but what really makes this play special is the work that Curry had to do to even get that shot in the first place. Chicago Bulls guard Kris Dunn is a terrific perimeter defender and almost made the two-time MVP lose his handle. However, Curry was crafty enough to put a hesitation move on Dunn to get to the basket.


This one’s cheating a bit because the basket didn’t actually count. Regardless, it’s still an incredible circus shot and is yet another example of Curry’s ability to throw up wild shots around the basket.


Maybe this one’s a bit unfair as well since it’s the All-Star game and players usually don’t play as much defense as usual but that doesn’t make the shot any less impressive. His ability to put shots high up on the glass is second to none.