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Stephen Curry pokes fun at Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley

An avid participant in golf tournaments during the summer and a known huge fan of the sport, Stephen Curry was asked some playful questions at the American Century Championship presser on Thursday.

When asked to choose between some of the participants in the tournament and have one partner, one caddie, and another to do The Carlton dance with, the two-time league MVP was given quarterback Aaron Rodgers, pop star Justin Timberlake, and TNT personality Charles Barkley as his choices.

Curry chose the latter to be the caddie, but not for any of the right reasons.

“I would put Chuck on the bag,” Curry said playfully, according to ASAP Sports. “He’s talked a lot of smack about me and the Warriors in years. So I would load up my bag with some bricks pre-round and definitely put him through that torture for four hours.

“I’d dance with J.T. just because he’s uber-talented in all facets of life. And I’d play with Aaron. He’s got game. So that would be fun.”

Barkley has been known to be heavily critical of the “jump-shooting team” and was famously forced to wear a shirt saying “Charles Barkley 0 – Jump-shooting teams 1” along with a trophy image after Golden State won its first modern era title in 2015.

The Warriors point guard assured there wasn’t any real beef between the two, but rather playful competition every now and then.

“No, it’s all TV,” said Curry. “He’s a great personality and knows how to get a headline. And sometimes you don’t know if he’s being real or not.

“But every time I seen him off the grid, he’s been great to my family, to me as well. So I take everything he says, literally everything he says, with a grain of salt. But he’s a legend. And it’s great for the game, obviously, with how much basketball is talked about and the hot takes that are flying around from day to day.”