The annual ESPYs commenced Wednesday night with Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry as the host. Curry did a great job hosting the awards, with burns towards players and fan bases throughout the show.

The Warriors guard is coming off his fourth NBA title and first Finals MVP award.

The ESPYs were a major success, and clips are circulating all over social media.

With that said, here are Stephen Curry's seven most savage burns from the ESPYs, ranked.

Stephen Curry's Most Savage Burns From ESPYs

7. Curry kicks out Draymond's podcast

Draymond Green's podcast has been a subject of many basketball fans over the past season. Green brought his podcast to the ESPYs but was eventually stopped by Curry.

As Green was leaving, he mentioned that he was kicked out of bigger situations than this, which Steph quickly agrees with. Green is known for his intense play, which can lead to ejections at times. He was ejected during an NBA Finals game back in 2016 and during Game 1 against the Memphis Grizzlies during their championship run. This was a subtle joke by Curry, but still a good one.

6. Curry roasts LA and Miami fans

As the show came towards the end, Curry directed a shot at LA and Miami fans. LA, known for arriving late, was targeted for finally arriving while Miami fans were roasted for leaving.

Back in the 2013 NBA Finals, Heat fans left the building as Miami trailed late against the San Antonio Spurs. Miraculously, the Heat rallied back to send the game to overtime, which left many fans outside the arena trying to get back in.

Curry knew what he was doing with this one.

5. Curry takes a shot at LeBron

While they are friends off the court, Curry and LeBron are still rivals. They have matched up in multiple Finals, and fans of these players often debate each other.

Curry took his shot at the King by joking about how LeBron hosted the ESPYs back in 2007 after his Finals loss, while he is doing it after winning, which feels much better. This clip blew up on social media as many fans were quick to defend LeBron.

This was a great joke by Curry as he clearly got under the skin of some fans.

4. Curry calls out Tom Brady

Tom Brady called it a career back in February, only to come back 40 days later. Curry expressed how he felt similar, wanting to get back to work after a long few weeks at home.

However, he then took a shot at the end, claiming that Brady is the only guy he knows who would rather be hit by one of the NFL's best players, Aaron Donald, than hang out with his supermodel wife, Giselle.

3. Curry's congrats to the Rams and jab at the Lakers

The Los Angeles Rams took home the Super Bowl trophy this past season. Los Angeles has the reputation of trading their draft picks to buy old superstars and form an elite team. It worked well for the Rams but did not go the same way for the Lakers.

The Lakers brought together a veteran group with many former stars alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They not only did not win the title but missed the playoffs altogether.

2. Proud daddy of the Celtics

Curry and his family faced a ton of criticism throughout the NBA Finals from Celtics fans. Boston mocked Steph's wife, Ayesha, by saying she can't cook.

He got his revenge by defeating them in the Finals and added on by stating that he is the proud daddy of the Boston Celtics.

1. Grant Williams/Celtics

Curry's most savage burn of the night was aimed at who he beat in the Finals with Grant Williams and the Boston Celtics.

He said, “Grant Williams, I see you in the building! It's great to see you again, my man! I know you like this color; I'll let you borrow it after I'm done. I might even let you wear a ring.”

Curry's roast of Williams came after his comments that morning that he felt the Celtics were the better team, but the Warriors were more disciplined. The Warriors star did not agree with this and got Williams back.

Honorable mention: Draymond Green's roast of the Clippers

While Draymond wasn't the host of the awards, he had plenty of funny moments throughout the show.

Green's podcast had a moment where they took over the ESPYs. Green made a harsh burn by announcing that he was live in Los Angeles, the home of seven professional teams and the Clippers. The Clippers have historically been the joke of a sports team in LA. They have not won a championship in their franchise history and had not even reached the Conference Finals until the 2021 season. While the Lakers struggled this past year, Green and the league know that Los Angeles is still a Lakers town.

Overall, Curry did a great job as the host, and it was another fun year for the ESPYs.