After Draymond Green’s Game 5 suspension for going over the flagrant foul limit in the playoffs, some Warriors’ faithful and former players were outraged by the decision, claiming that LeBron James started it by stepping over Draymond first.

Now another former Warriors’ player has taken to social media to fight for Draymond.

Former Warrior Stephen Jackson recently posted a video to Instagram to declare his support for Green and that he’ll be wearing Green’s jersey to Game 5 because he “loves the bad guys.”

Headed back to the bay. Tune in to the @thejumpespn tomorrow. What you guys think about the suspension?

A video posted by Stephen Jackson (@stak5pa) on

The problem with this is, even in supporting Draymond, Jackson kind of admits something should have been done before the Finals when Draymond was racking up the flagrant fouls for “all the other stuff that happened” against the Thunder.

Whether you agree with Draymond Green receiving a flagrant foul for this particularly play or not, it’s hard to argue that Green does not deserve at least some sort of further punishment after everything else he’s done over the course of these playoffs.

Game 5 begins Monday night at 9pm (EST). Expect Warriors’ fans to be extra loud whenever LeBron gets the ball.

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