Most modern NBA fans know that Steve Kerr has been part of the two best NBA teams ever: this year's 73-9 Warriors as a coach, and Michael Jordan‘s 72-10 Bulls in 1995-96 as a player.

With that pedigree, Kerr certainly has a unique perspective on who the best player of all time is, and how his now two-time MVP Stephen Curry compares to Jordan. Kerr spoke back in March about what differentiates Curry from Jordan, and after the point guard's clutch fourth quarter and overtime performance in Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals on Monday night, Kerr brought up the comparison again.

Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan
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Kerr told Diamond Leung of The Mercury News:

“I guess the similarity (to Michael Jordan) is just the awe-inspiring plays, the jaw-dropping plays that really bring the house down even on the road. I remember those noises coming on the road when Michael would have a game like that.”

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