After the events of Logan Roy’s funeral, Succession is now heading towards its last episode on Max in a couple of days. With four seasons under its belt, the final resolution of Logan, his family, and the company he built will finally be revealed. But before that happens, here are the important details viewers must know about the upcoming Succession series finale.

Everything you need to know about the Succession series finale on Max

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5. Shiv is pregnant with Tom’s child

Throughout most of Succession’s run on Max, Tom Wambsgans has always played second fiddle to Shiv Roy and her desire to consolidate more power from her siblings. That, and reluctantly giving in to her wishes of an open marriage while Shiv goes on seeing other men. This all culminated in the finale of last season when Tom sided with Logan in keeping his kids out of the loop, causing their relationships to be strained.

But before that came to pass, there was one night Tom and Shiv spent together which bore fruit. As the current season progressed, it’s revealed that Logan’s daughter is pregnant with Tom’s child, adding another layer to their already-troubled marriage. With the ATN chief now aware of this development, it remains to be seen how Shiv will handle the pregnancy, especially with the chance of Matsson making her the American CEO of Waystar Royco if he ever gets the company from the Roys.

4. Roman is losing it

The conclusion of episode 9 saw Roman finally lose it as Logan’s youngest son goes out into the crowd of protesters and needlessly insults them. After firing Gerri Kellman, his closest ally with power, and the trust of president-elect Jeryd Mencken after breaking down his father’s funeral. With Kendall telling him that they need to step up to Matsson and Shiv after he messed up, Roman’s confidence is at an all-time low as Succession heads into its finale soon.

In previous seasons, the presence of Logan gave Roman a safe space to be the eccentric individual he is. Even with all the pressures at Waystar, Roman remained confident, especially with Gerri guiding him. With her fired and Logan gone, Roman is in a state of woe that can play out in the upcoming series finale of Succession on Max. Ultimately, it’s not looking good for him as Matsson is getting closer to acquiring his family’s company.

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3. Kendall’s family woes

Heading into the Succession series finale, we see Kendall doing everything he can to ensure Waystay Royco remains in the family’s possession. In several instances of season 4, Kendall is seen making some moves that show how much of a killer he has become, echoing back to Logan’s criticism that he doesn’t have a killer instinct in him. Viewers witnessed him blackmailing Hugo to commit several acts, including spying on Matsson’s plans and making moves to tarnish Logan’s legacy.

But as all of these things are happening, Kendall is slowly losing grip of his children. With Mencken, a radical right-wing politician about to become president, Kendall’s children are being targeted by those who support his ideals due to their mixed-race heritage. While the focus would certainly be on his battle with Matsson and Shiv, the more important detail to focus on is how he already feels like a failure as a father. The upcoming final episode of Succession can potentially resolve this element of Kendall’s character arc, something which viewers must keep an eye on.

2. Mencken’s looming presidency

After the events of episode 8, it seems Jeryd Mencken is on his way to the White House. Thanks to Roman’s machinations, Kendall’s last-minute support, and Tom calling the election for the Republican candidate, the controversial figure may soon call the shots as the next leader of the free world.

The thing is, ATN’s decision to call for Mencken is getting heat with a lot of critics saying it was way too early to do so. This places Tom in a tight spot as the media has painted him as the individual responsible for the news network’s decision to announce Mencken as the winner. If the president-elect overcomes all the pending election issues, the American fans knew in Succession won’t be the one they’ll see in the upcoming series finale. That, and its effect on the Roy kids, their respective families, Matsson, and other major characters of the show. In any case, Mencken’s presidency is one detail everyone must stay focused on as Succession’s final episode comes.

1. It’s Matsson and Shiv vs the CE-Bros

At the end of episode 8, the lines have been drawn with Matsson and Shiv on one side and Roman and Kendall on the other. At stake here is the ownership of Waystar Royco, all of its assets, and the very legacy Logan built during his time alive. With Mencken seemingly supportive of Matsson’s acquisition, granted Shiv is made CEO, the CE-Bros would have to take their battle to the board and make them believe that the GoJo founder isn’t the best for business.

Obviously, this will be the focal point of the Succession series finale on Max as every other storyline will fall under it. Viewers will still have a couple of days to catch up as the last episode is premiering very soon, giving the story of Logan’s legacy and his children its long-awaited end.