Suns news: Devin Booker passes Charles Barkley for 6th-most 30-point games in franchise history
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Suns’ Devin Booker passes Charles Barkley for 6th-most 30-point games in franchise history

Devin Booker, Charles Barkley, Suns

On Saturday, the Phoenix Suns defeated the New Orleans Pelicans in overtime by a final score of 138-136. In that game, Devin Booker (to no one’s surprise) had a big scoring day. The superstar dropped 40 points in the win, leading all scorers.

The massive day was impressive for multiple reasons, a main one being its historical significance.

It’s not surprising that Devin Booker is moving up on various all-time lists for the Phoenix Suns. What’s scary is that he’s already sixth in franchise history for 30-point games. Booker is just 22 in case you forgot.

If he stays with the Suns a while longer, it would be wise to assume he’ll break a lot of franchise records.

Booker is averaging 20.9 points per game in his career. Even more impressive is that his points per game have increased each season, starting at 13.8 in his rookie season and 25.2 this season.

A lot of scoring records will be in danger within the next few seasons, and he is improving significantly in other areas as well.

Booker is averaging 6.7 assists per game this year, which is a 2.0 assist jump from last season. He’s also tied for his career-best in steals per game at 0.9. He is above his career average in rebounds per game (3.4) at 4.1.

With Booker becoming a much better all-around player, his impact in games is only going to increase. No longer is he putting up massive scoring numbers — as he did on Saturday — without adding something else to the mix.

For example, Booker added five rebounds and 13 dimes on Saturday against New Orleans.

Charles Barkley was passed on Saturday. Devin Booker will have a lot more 30-point games in his career. If he stays in a Suns uniform, he’ll climb his way to the top of that scoring list — and many others.