The Golden State Warriors dynasty has fully crumbled. Coach Steve Kerr and the Stephen Curry-led team could not get past the Sacramento Kings in the NBA Play-In Tournament. The worst part was that they got blown out by 24 points as they ended their season. This also meant that Draymond Green was forced to go into the offseason quite early and no one was more pleased than Jusuf Nurkic. The Phoenix Suns big man even posted his sentiments on X.

Coach Steve Kerr saw Draymond Green put on a fairly decent performance to keep the Warriors afloat in the NBA Play-In Tournament. The forward was doing a little bit of everything. He knocked down 50% of his field goal attempts and three-pointers for 12 points. His offensive arsenal was not just on display through scoring. Green was able to find the open man at the proper time for an easy dime. This netted him six assists against the Kings.

Much like his whole career, Green shines the most on defense. He was able to snatch the ball from the Kings twice in this game. But, the biggest drawback was that he could not get into good positions to crash the boards. The Warriors forward ended the game with only three rebounds which is not at all ideal.

There were a lot of flaws in the Warriors system that were exposed by the Kings. For Jusuf Nurkic, all this means is that he will not have that man swing against him in the postseason this year.

Cooking beef between the Warriors forward and Suns big man

Apr 16, 2024; Sacramento, California, USA; Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) reacts after a play against the Sacramento Kings in the first quarter during a play-in game of the 2024 NBA playoffs at the Golden 1 Center. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
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It all started when the Suns and Warriors faced each other back in December. Before this incident, Draymond Green had already been in the public eye because he put Rudy Gobert in a chokehold. But, that did not stop him from hitting the Suns big man in the face.

Obviously, the Warriors forward got suspended but got into an altercation with Nurkic yet again. In the next Suns-Warriors game, Nurkic and Green shouted at each other which did not end well at all. Only Klay Thompson was able to cool the heads of the two. If not, this could have ended up as a full-blown fight.

After that incident, Nurkic had to unveil his feelings on Green's suspension because the Warriors legend has apparently not learned his lesson at all.

“It's sad. He didn't learn anything. Just a matter of time. He's going to hit somebody else again. Take back everything I said. He doesn't deserve a chance. Antics. Try to hit people and stuff he should not do,” Nurkic declared.

The Suns' big man did not at all stop there. He took multiple jabs at Green using his social media account and has shown no signs of slowing down. A big post about the Warriors anchor was a Peaky Blinders GIF where Cillian Murphy's character says, “You're getting soft, brother.”

Overall, this beef will not end any time soon. It might be one that lasts a lifetime.