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Suns coach Monty Williams pens passionate letter about racism amid protests

Monty Williams, Suns

Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams is trying to “lead by example.”

Williams wrote an op-ed for The Athletic on Sunday in the aftermath of a week of protests following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Monday. Williams said that while he is “angry” and in “pain,” he also knows that “we must be the change now.”

Monty Williams also spoke about having two African American sons and one Caucasian son, saying it is unfortunate just how different their lives really are:

I’m distraught as I look at my boys — two are African American and one is Caucasian — because too many people see them differently. None of them should have to think about how law enforcement will treat them if pulled over for rolling through a stop sign. None of them should be followed through a department store by security. None of them should feel the sweat rolling down their back when a cop follows them for blocks. Alas, their worlds are different, and something is wrong with that.

Fittingly, Monty Williams also called on other members of the sports community to use their platforms and voices to promote social change, rather than sitting “idly by.”

This has already become very evident in the last couple days, with athletes speaking out on social media after Floyd’s death and some even choosing to march in various protests throughout the country. Jaylen Brown has been especially vocal and active with his response.

Williams also made sure to point out there are those in uniform who have made it their work to truly serve their communities — regardless of color — just as there are those who have used the protests as an excuse to wreak havoc and spread chaos.

But at the heart of it all, Monty Williams said, is the need to end the institutional issues plaguing America.