Suns video: Phoenix gets hosed after refs don't check clock in last seconds of game vs. Jazz
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Video: Suns get hosed after refs don’t check clock in last seconds of game vs. Jazz

Suns, Jazz

The Phoenix Suns were in the thick of a closely contested game against the Utah Jazz, but they were not given a fair chance to win by the officials. A late Jevon Carter 3-pointer tied the game at 95, and while Donovan Mitchell did draw enough contact from Devin Booker to merit two free throws for the Jazz, the referees failed to check the replay monitor and reset the clock, giving the Suns only 0.4 seconds to get a shot off.

The contact on Mitchell occurred with 1.9 seconds left and the whistle blew with 1.4 seconds remaining on the clock. A full second went by before the clock was stopped, giving the Suns no chance to nail a full-court effort.

Mitchell made the first free throw but missed the second, surprisingly shooting it with no intention of missing:

Phoenix also had a timeout, which it could have used to advance the ball to half court to get a more decent look at the rim. But that thought is all for naught, given the referees didn’t bother to look at the replay.

This is one incident that is likely to be shown in the Last Two Minute Report at some point on Tuesday, a critical mistake that cost the team a chance to win the game.

The Suns are 2-2, with both of their losses coming by a mere point, first against the Denver Nuggets in overtime last week and now against the Jazz in regulation. Phoenix has shown the fight to be in these games, but got unfortunately hosed of an opportunity to improve to 3-1 this season.