Super Mega Baseball 4 hit the scene earlier this Summer, but continues to roll out with its DLC and updates. The second DLC adds another Stadium called the Ciudad De Colores. It's also worth noting that the game's Ballpark Edition is currently on sale, but more on that later.

The first DLC, Peril Point Stadium, released back on June 16th. The third, Castillo Arena, is coming sometime this Summer, but no release date has been confirmed.

Super Mega Baseball 4 Ciudad De Colores Release Date

The Ciudaded De Colores Stadium is available for Ballpark edition players starting Monday, July 31st (9AM PT). If you ordered the standard edition yet still want to play on the new stadium, you can purchase it separately two weeks later on Monday, August 14th.

The price for Peril Point was $4.99 (USD) so it stands to reason that Ciudad De Colores will cost the same. The DLCs only add new stadiums and nothing else in terms of gameplay, customization, or game modes.

However, if you don't yet own SMB4, you can actually purchase the Ballpark Edition for $59.99, which includes all DLCs. Additionally, the Ballpark Edition on PS5/PS4 is currently on sale for 30% off (or $41.99) until August 3rd. This means it's currently cheaper than the standard edition, which is $49.99. So now's a great time to get into SMB4 if you're looking for a fun, colorful baseball game.

The above tweet from the developer shows the stadium dimensions. This gives players an idea of what to expect, allowing them to prep for the upcoming ballpark.

Super Mega Baseball 4 is the 4th in the larger-than-life baseball series by Metalhead Studios. The company was acquired by EA Sports back in 2021, making SMB4 the first Super Mega Baseball game published by EA Sports.

The newest installment adds hundreds of MLB legends, improvements to franchise mode, and a shuffle draft mode that's extremely addictive. You can play alone, or create online leagues with friends with all sorts of customization options.

ClutchPoints gave Super Mega Baseball an 8.5/10 in their review of the game. We praised the gameplay and customization options, while noting a few quirks in the new additions to franchise mode. Overall, it's a great game to play with friends.

For more on SMB4 and its upcoming DLC, check out ClutchPoints Gaming.