Susan Boyle returned to the stage that made her famous in a made-for-TV triumphant reunion on Britain's Got Talent on Sunday. Boyle — whose presence on the reality competition series in 2009 catapulted her to fame — sang the song she auditioned with in her very first appearance on the show, “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Misérables.

This time, however, the 62-year-old Scottish singer was joined by the entire cast of the Les Misérables West End production, a testament to how famous Boyle has become for her beloved rendition of the song.

Boyle's appearance on this weekend's episode was a surprise, as was the news Boyle shared of a health scare she recently went through. After Simon Cowell and the other judges gave Boyle a standing ovation for her performance, she admitted “It's actually special for me, because last April, I suffered a minor stroke. I fought like crazy to get back on stage, and I have done it.”

Cowell responded in heartfelt fashion, telling Boyle, “Susan, we owe you so much, and I knew you weren't well, but, if anyone was going to come back, you were going to come back. We wouldn't be the same without you. You are amazing.”

Susan Boyle was on the third season of Britain's Got Talent, where she finished in second place. She then went on to release seven studio albums, including her famous debut LP, I Dreamed a Dream, which was the world's best-selling album of 2009. She is a bonafide global star, and fans loved getting the chance to see her in her element, back where it all began.