Sydney Sweeney, or Cassie in “Euphoria,” has spoken out about the show's impact and the controversies surrounding creator Sam Levinson. Despite winning nine Emmys and a massive viewership, Euphoria has drawn criticism for portraying teenage sexuality in a high school context. This issue also spilled over into Levinson's recent HBO project, “The Idol.”

In an interview, Sydney Sweeney highlighted the transformative role of the show in her career. She also emphasized the cast's willingness to voice discomfort, shedding light on the challenges of witnessing Levinson facing unwarranted criticism from the public and media. According to Sweeney, the discomfort sparked by the show serves a purpose.

“The point is making people uncomfortable, and thinking outside the box. What else is the point of art?”

Earlier this year, Levinson faced a media backlash due to the troubled production path of The Idol. His limited role in the show's early stages and differences with co-creator Amy Seimetz led to chaotic changes. Multiple script rewrites, totaling over 20, led to organizational chaos and significant creative uncertainty. Struggles persisted as the show went on hiatus until he stepped in for a revamp. Crew members were reportedly taken by surprise by the show's overhaul.

Upon resuming production, the original crew members and disappointed cast members had already left. Regardless, the show managed to retain notable talents, including singer-songwriter Troye Sivan and Suzanna Son.

But today, Sydney Sweeney re-affirms her support for  Sam Levinson, crediting ‘Cassie' for her career breakthroughs. But the actress believes she has much more to offer to her audience and Euphoria was her headstart.