Taylor Swift received a warm invitation to watch Travis Kelce in Minnesota, from Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey himself. The Kansas City Chiefs are set to face the Minnesota Vikings this upcoming Sunday. And the third time Swift will watch her rumored boyfriend play after attending for the last few weeks.

“We know All Too Well the positive impact Taylor Swift has on the cities she visits—Minneapolis is no exception,” Mayor Frey stated. Recalling Taylor's sold-out concerts at the U.S. Bank Stadium in June, he emphasized their record-setting impact on the local economy. With fully booked hotels and bustling downtown restaurants.

Now, Swift's invitation to watch Kelce is not just on the Mayor's part. It appears a majority of the Minneapolis community is ready for it.

“If Taylor chooses to come back to Minneapolis (sometimes known as Swiftieapolis) this weekend, we’ll be Ready For It,” Mayor Frey quipped, clearly hoping for her return. He humorously acknowledged the possibility of Taylor having to console Travis Kelce should the Vikings triumph over the Chiefs. A sly suggestion there are plenty of great spots in town for them to go on a date and lift their spirits.

Mayor Frey's genuine enthusiasm for Taylor Swift's visit stems from the tremendous media attention and consumer spending boost she brings to the city. Her previous NFL game appearances were ratings hits for Fox and NBC. Now, CBS seems poised to join the action next week.

Ultimately, the decision lies with Taylor Swift to watch Travis Kelce. But Mayor Frey made it clear that NFL cities around the country would likely share Minneapolis's excitement. After all, Swift is equal to more traffic and economic prosperity.