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Texans’ Deandre Hopkins reacts to Antonio Brown saying he is the best wide receiver in the NFL

Deandre Hopkins, Antonio Brown, Texans

Although Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown has experienced a change-of-scenery this offseason, he still has no doubts about his status as the best wideout in the NFL. It appears his comments have not gone unnoticed by Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

Brown took to social media to make his declaration as the game’s top receiver.

It seems Hopkins has no problem with Brown’s confidence.

This is certainly not the first time these two star wideouts have engaged in social media. The first time came during the 2018 NFL season when Brown claimed he had not seen the Texans star make arguably the most spectacular catch of the year. The latter quickly went on social media to rebuke the former’s comments.

Regardless, it is clear that there are no hard feelings between the two. Even before Hopkins had been acknowledged by the rest of the league as one of its elite wideouts, he had no problem expressing his confidence in himself as evidenced by the Texans appearance on Hard Knocks a few years back.

While it may have taken some time, the rest of the NFL finally came to recognize his status.

Hopkins knows full well that Brown is one of the few other wide receivers that can make the same claim. The veteran has long established himself as arguably the best receiver in the league following his stellar tenure with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Although there has been plenty of speculation regarding a potential drop-off in Oakland, it is safe to that Brown still has high expectations for himself moving forward.