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Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins trade can still be voided due to failed physical

DeAndre Hopkins, Texans

The Houston Texanstrade involving DeAndre Hopkins could be voided.

According to Mike Florio of NBC Sports, the Texans’ trade of Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals still hasn’t officially gone through. That would be because the two players involved in the trade — Hopkins and David Johnson — have yet to pass their physicals. If either player fails their physical, the trade would then fall through.

“Per multiple sources, neither receiver DeAndre Hopkins nor running back David Johnson have passed their physicals. As a result, Hopkins still isn’t officially a Cardinal, and Johnson still isn’t officially a Texan.”

Florio then delves into further detail. He states that Johnson has only merely had a preliminary physical since the trade. In other words, it’s not official.

“As one source explained it to PFT, Johnson has had a preliminary physical performed on his wrist. Which was injured in Week One of the 2017 season. He passed that portion of the physical, despite reduced range of motion that initially caused the doctor (not an NFL doctor) to hesitate. Johnson still has to take a physical as to the rest of his body.”

While it’s highly unlikely, either side could change their minds and back out of the trade. This is despite the fact that the trade was “completed” three weeks ago. The major trade also features a second-round pick from the Cardinals and a fourth-round pick from the Texans.

Long story short, if the NFL Draft takes place before the physicals take place, the draft picks then cannot be exchanged. Which just further complicates the trade even more. The NFL Draft is set to take place from April 23 until April 25.