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Texans QB Deshaun Watson posts Instagram photo with Jaguars’ Jalen Ramsey in Houston

Jalen Ramsey, Jaguars, Texans, Deshaun Watson

Jalen Ramsey definitely wants out of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The disgruntled corner is doing everything he can to get his wish and get out of the team. However, his latest antic with Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson may be his most significant move yet.

The QB posted a picture on his Instagram profile that can easily be seen as him trying to recruit the corner to join the Texans.

Neutral fans were understandably surprised and amused by Ramsey’s appearance in Houston because he was listed out with a back injury. He claimed that he has dealt with the injury for much of his career and decided that now is the time to have it sorted out.

Based on the image, it doesn’t look like the went to Houston only to get his back sorted out by a professional. There was a familiar air surrounding Watson and Ramsey, and this spells trouble for Jaguars fans.

The corner has made it clear that he wants out of the Jaguars. His two-week absence from the team is due to different reasons, but it conveniently coincides with his trade request.

The Jaguars have insisted that their star corner will not be going anywhere. Reports surface that the team wouldn’t let go of their star corner even if they were offered five first-round picks.

With talks seemingly going nowhere, the Ramsey situation remains at a standstill. It will be interesting to see whether Ramsey stays with the team at the end of the season.