With the Houston Packers set to face the Green Bay Packers in some preseason fun, gunslinger Deshaun Watson won't be traveling with the team.

How do we know this? Tickle me glad you asked. ESPN's NFL reporting guru informed the masses on the mean streets of Twitter.

With Deshaun Watson trade rumors forever swirling around the Texans, people might want to make this be about something else entirely. However, with the quarterback at least returning to camp, it's possible that this is truly just about him nursing an injury and the franchise not wanting to risk further issues.

That being said, as the Packers deal with their own issues with Aaron Rodgers, coupled with the regular season still a few weeks away, Watson not traveling with the team will certainly result in some scuttlebutt. How much of it ends up being valid is not yet known, but you can't stop the talking-heads from, ugh, talking.

There's also other issues happening with the Texans star. Deshaun Watson is famously in the middle of a scandal, making him — well, at least one would think — slightly less attractive to teams that would otherwise trade for him. Moreover, all of that resulting in a situation where Houston wouldn't get as much back in return for a trade involving the polarizing star as they'd like.

Anyway, the NFL is nearly back (for real). Until then, a football loving nation will get to watch some Texans vs Packers preseason fun, but all of that goodness will be without Deshaun Watson.