The Houston Texans are a team on the rise in the NFL right now, which was clear as day when they made it to the Divisional Round of the 2024 playoffs. Off the field, though, there's been a bit of drama surrounding the team, with their owner, Janice McNair, facing a lawsuit from her own son, Robert Cary McNair Jr.

After her husband, Bob McNair, passed away in 2018, Janice assumed ownership of the Texans, but her son filed a lawsuit in 2023 that saw him apply for guardianship over his mother. McNair said the appointment of a guardian wasn't necessary, and after some back and forth, the lawsuit has now been jointly dropped by the two sides, meaning McNair won't have a guardian after all.

“A lawsuit filed by one of the sons of the owner of the Houston Texans that had sought to have her declared incapacitated and have a guardian appointed for her was dropped Monday. Robert Cary McNair Jr. had filed his application for appointment of a guardian for Janice McNair, 87, in November with a probate court in Harris County, where Houston is located. But on Monday, lawyers for Cary McNair, along with others involved in the case, filed a motion in which they agreed to jointly drop the lawsuit.” – ESPN

The whole situation was a bit strange, but it's good to see that the two sides were eventually able to come to an agreement to drop the lawsuit. Now the Texans can fully shift their focus towards improving their team this offseason, and McNair will remain the team's leader as they head into the upcoming 2024 campaign.