College football coaches are usually the ones that get credited for the success of their players before entering the NFL. Although, high school football programs also play a huge part in the development of their styles of play. Coach Steve Sarkisian is starting to change the culture by dropping huge praise on the DeSoto High School coaching staff. The Texas football coach could not believe how well they developed Johntay Cook II.

The season for college football is nearing. This means that training camps are starting to wrap up with some rosters already set in stone. A huge standout at Texas football was Johntay Cook II. The wide receiver out of DeSoto High School impressed his veteran coach so much that a rotation spot may just be locked. Steve Sarkisian acknowledged how mature the freshman's game was in his latest statement, via Billy Gates of KXAN Austin.

“He’s been coached in a way that he believes in,” the Longhorns coach said about the DeSoto Eagles standout. “What I love about Johntay is how coachable he is. I think he’s really trying to do whatever we’re asking him to do. When he doesn’t do it the right way, he acknowledges it and tries to do it right the next time,” Sarkisian disclosed.

Freshmen receivers often experience problems in complicated route-running schematics. But, the best thing they can do is have a growth mindset such that they can reach their peaks. Will this bring Johntay Cook II to a more fruitful career?